Clay Matthews candle - 8" Celebrity Tribute Candle - Green Bay - Heavenly Geekery

Pay tribute to your favorite sport celebrity with Tribute Prayer Candles- featuring Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers. Great gift idea for his ultimate fan!

This Matthews candle is eye catching and makes a great conversation piece too!

Perfect for your next party or just light while wanting to pay homage to your favorite football star - either way, its fun! Perfect gift for that fan who seems to have everything! Gifts that will SURPRISE!!!! See all my other characters/celebs like Kurt, Madonna and more!

8" Glass Holder and Candle with full color printed Image by me!
The label is a gloss photo paper, so it really has color pop unlike regular paper! Everyone will notice these candles. (Please note the detail in these candles, as well as the quality - not just paper glued on but a real semi gloss label with great ink saturation - a beautiful addition to your decor that you will be proud of - don't be fooled by cheap imitations).

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Perfect gift for that fan who seems to have everything or for yourself!


Never leave burning candles unattended
Never place near flammable items
Reuse glass candle holder- replace burned down candle with a battery powered tea lite, or votive candle - you'll keep this for a long time!
Use a piece of uncooked spaghetti to light a a candle that has burned down low in the glass if you don't have a Scripto torch!