Erykah Badu Candle - 8" Singer Celebrity Tribute Candle - Heavenly geekery

Pay tribute to your favorite singer songwriter - Erykah Badu! She looks heavenly in this sainted candle! Great tribute for an ultimate fan!

This eye catching candle makes a great conversation piece!

Perfect for your next party or just light while watching the her videos! Either way, its fun and whacky! Perfect gift for that fan who seems to have everything!

8" Glass Holder and Candle with full color printed Image by me!
The label is high quality gloss photo paper, so it really has color pop! Everyone will notice these candles.

REQUEST your own celebrity that I don't have - see CLOWN listing to do so - PLEASE DO! :)

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Perfect gift for that fan who seems to have everything or for yourself!

Never leave burning candles unattended
Never place near flammable items
Reuse glass candle holder- replace burned down candle with a battery powered tea lite, or votive candle - you'll keep this for a long time!
Use a piece of uncooked spaghetti to light a a candle that has burned down low in the glass if you don't have a Scripto torch!